Since inception, the VBX collective have put on a number of events in exciting spaces around Amsterdam. The very first one was a now infamous Vrijbuiters party in De Bunker in 2008, and since then the collective has gone on to make many more musical memories with events in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.

DJs like Ricardo Villalobos, Dorian Paic, The Mole, Paul Johnson, Point G, Onur Ozer, Nicolas Lutz, Nick Hoppner, Ryan Elliott, DJ Funk, Dewalta, Ark, FCL, Hold Youth, Molly, Bill Patrick, Mr Ties ao have all played, and each and every year VBX hold their own much loved showcase during ADE. On top of this, venues like Studio 80 as well as many raw warehouses, festivals and beaches have all hosted VBX parties.

VBX, which also has a strong visual identity, with bright colours and bold design helping to unify each event, has naturally expanded in recent years, taking young promotions and brands under its wing and working along side them. As well as now being an esteemed Agency representing a range of DJs, producers and live performers, VBX has evolved to encompass three unique concept events that fit in with various niche styles and scenes within electronic music.