+ Mission

Since inception, the VBX collective have put on a number of events in exciting spaces around Amsterdam. DJs like Dorian Paic and Boris Werner have played, whilst during ADE 2012 there was a special Berlin Underground showcase with a healthy contingent of DJs coming over from Germany to bring their underground house and techno sounds to VBX. 

So, too, is there is a strong visual identity to the brand, with bright colours and bold design helping to unify each event. Every event flyer features black and white shots taken by skilled photographers, with further portfolios from each collaborator available on the VBX website. 

The VBX website is also a place of expression in many forms that showcases a range of visual and light art as well as a tasteful selection of music. It is somewhere to go and explore, somewhere to enjoy, somewhere that loves sights and sounds as much as you. 

VBX Artists:

Avos (Low Money Music Love)
Ferro (Kina, Infuse)
Makcim (Club der Visionaere)
Reiss (Dialegestai)
Terje Bakke (Shy, Visionquest)
VID (Andromeda)